asianlovr asked: I find Latin/Hispanic women VERY stunning and goddess-like. Not only in looks but they take care of their men even when I see and hear how jealous Hispanic men can be. I've dated a Puerto Rican woman and it was wonderful. My last and most recent was a Mexican beauty. It was short lived because we met at an AF base in TX but her permanent station was in AZ and I'm in AF reserves and in FL. I've been heartbroken since we parted ways. I still look at our pics together. Been a hard and diff time.

Thank you for sharing your story. 

I wish you tons of luck in the future with whomever you love.

Korean husband and Mexican wife, we’re Koreans.”

This was submitted by a follower who wanted to do it anonymous, so I won’t link his/her profile, but I watched it, and it’s pretty interesting. It’s an interracial couple living in Mokpo, ROK, and goes into their lives a bit, including his side of the family and how they feel about their son and daughter-in-law. 


Sometimes, we are both cute, sometimes, it is just me~
From last week at Lake Geneva. We had a picnic, huu huu~


Sometimes, we are both cute, sometimes, it is just me~

From last week at Lake Geneva. We had a picnic, huu huu~

Anonymous asked: I JUST REALIZED THAT I HAD COME ACROSS YOUR BLOG WHEN IT WAS UNDER A DIFFERENT NAME!!!! *squeals* no wonder i couldn't find you!! <3 yay ^^

Yeah, I used to be zombiedoctor but I changed it a few months ago. I am pretty elusive ^^

anddiscover asked: Is it weird that I like Hispanic women? Im full korean btw. I live in canada.

Nope, not weird. Just don’t fetishsize!

I never know how to spell that word…

She broke my heart but can&#8217;t regret short time we had together.

She broke my heart but can’t regret short time we had together.

thank you for this submission!

Anonymous asked: I'm not attracted to anyone but Asian men, and I've never been attracted to anyone else. its so odd because my whole family is Latin and my family doesn't get it. but, Asian boys don't usually like me... I just want to be happy... ugh.

Okay, I really feel you, and I am not trying to disregard your feelings, but I think you are heading into a dangerous territory called “fetishsizing” (sp?). 

Don’t go looking for just an Asian boyfriend. The purpose of this blog is not to help people find their own Asian boyfriend or glorify and fetishsize a race/ethnicity, but rather to provide support and diversity. 

I really firmly believe that if you keep an open mind and heart, you will find someone who is perfect or at least good for you, whether they are Asian, Hispanic, white, etc., etc. 

I could go on more about this topic, but it is Sunday and I got a heavy packed schedule of lazing around in my bed like a functioning twenty something. If you would like t discuss this more, please feel free to hit me up on this blog or on my personal one :D

Anonymous asked: Hey! I am glad to see some new posts hehe ^_^.I really love this blog<3. I have two questions: One you can answer if it is not too personal and the other is just a general question. 1) Have things gotten better with your bf's mom? (this one you do not have to answer if it is personal!) 2)Do you have a personal tumblr? :D

Thank you! 

Well, the questions are personal, and I’d rather not post them on here, but I do have a personal tumblr that I am on all the time because I have an addiction but the first step is admitting to having a problem…

Anonymous asked: Why is it that every time i find blogs like this they stop updating T.T I need to feel not so isolated~halp!

My bad! I am the worst with updating this blog, but to be fair, I rely HEAVILY on submissions and they are rare and few in between -_-;;;